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Time for a mini AOR! – Point2Steve

Time for a mini AOR!

(so many cards, which to choose from? plan your AOR’s carefully)

If you remember, back in March and May of this year, I had finished both a major App-O-Rama for both me and my SO. We combined for about 8 cards, and around 500k points & miles. Now that we’ve made the spends, and received the points, I don’t see a reason we shouldn’t go for more.

With more and more vacations planned personally, and with family, I’m burning through miles faster than I can accumulate them.

Here’s what we applied for:

My Cards:
1. Citi AAdvantage Platinum Mastercard – 50k miles after spending $3k in 90 days.
2. Chase United Mileage Plus – 55k miles after $1k spending in 3 months.

SO’s Cards:
1. Citi AAdvantage Platinum Mastercard – 50k miles after spending $3k in 90 days.
2. Chase IHG/Priority Club Visa – 80k miles after spending $1k in 90 days.

We were approved for all the cards, so it looks like we’re slated for another 200k+ miles, granted we meet all the spending requirements.

I was going to add a couple more cards, but wanted to space out applications carefully. Always remember to read the most up to date reports on different issuers and how well they take to multiple applications, especially for the same card type. The rules are different for every issuer. For example, Citi takes into account your last application date, while AMEX takes into account when the account was closed. Know these (soft) rules while planning out your applications.

I was a little skeptical about applying for another Barclay’s card because of how strict they are with their clients. They definitely are a lot more accepting of someone who builds a strong relationship with them over the long run.

I also wanted to add a card from the US Bank, but they are also very picky on their applications so I’m holding off on that one as well.

Did you complete an AOR recently? How did you do?

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