Reconsideration lines, for the impatient (like me)!

(Is this you if your application doesn’t get approved right away?)

If you’re like me, (meaning you’re too impatient to wait the 5-7 days to find out if your credit card application has been approved or not through the mail) you want to know if they’re going to approve you right away.

Sometimes applications go through right away, sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, you can always call their reconsideration line numbers to get a status update or to push an application through quicker. Other than being impatient, you may actually have a need to get a card application through faster, like needing to book a vacation on a certain card, or wanting to use that card on your upcoming vacation in a few days.

Several of you have also asked me what number to call for certain issuers.

So if you’re not automatically approved, call these numbers so instead of looking like this:

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Hopefully you look more like this:


*American Express Credit Card Reconsideration line
(866) 314-0237 (Personal and Business Reconsideration Line)

*Bank of American Credit Card Reconsideration Line
(866) 530-9829 (Personal Reconsideration Line)
(800) 601-3923 (Business Reconsideration Line)

*Barclay’s Credit Card Reconsideration Line
(866) 408-4064 – (Credit Analyst) (Reconsideration Line)

*Chase Credit Card Reconsideration Line
(888) 245-0625 (Personal Reconsideration Line)
(800) 453-9719 (Business Reconsideration Line)

*Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration Line
(800) 695-5171 (Personal Reconsideration Line)
(800) 645-7240 (Business Reconsideration Line)

*Discover Credit Card Reconsideration line
(800) 676-3685 (General Reconsideration Line)

*U.S Bank Credit Card Reconsideration line
(800) 947-1444 (General Reconsideration Line)

Best of luck on your applications! May you automatically get approved for all and never have to use these numbers!

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