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#P2Sjet Giveaway winners announced! And there’s a lot of them. – Point2Steve

#P2Sjet Giveaway winners announced! And there’s a lot of them.

(Where are we all going to go?)

As you can see from the picture above, there’s going to be more than 1 winner here. Actually, let’s just cut to the chase, everyone that followed the rules for entry is going to be taking one home!

Jet and I were so excited about all the places you guys mentioned that he wants to come along to each and every one of those destinations. Don’t let him down and leave him at home by mistake.

The winners are:Β (in no particular order) Andrew, Lisa, Jannie, Barbara, Ronald, Serena, Yvonne, Winston, Angie, George, Melly, Persefini, Cindy, Wendy, & Sunny. That’s 15 of you. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I’ll be contacting everyone individually shortly to make sure Jet gets to you ASAP.

Some people asked me where these dogs named Jet came from, why I have so many, and why am I giving them away, so let me answer:

1. Where did Jet come from? Well you see, Jet’s parents…umm, this is awkward. Next question.

2. Why do I have so many? There shouldn’t be a limit to me saying thank you to my awesome readers & supporters. So I made sure to buy (with my own points earning credit card) as many as needed. Everyone’s a winner this time!

3. Why am I just giving them away? I strongly believe in reinvesting in people who believe and trust in me. Simple as that. You support me, this is how I say thank you.

Don’t forget to take pictures with him and tag #p2sjet when you upload to social media. Can’t wait to see where he’s going to go in the upcoming year.

Thanks again, and keep your eye out for the next giveaway!

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