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Another 100,000 miles offer? This time from Delta. – Point2Steve

Another 100,000 miles offer? This time from Delta.

Family members and friends have gotten very comfortable asking me if the mailers they get from banks, & airlines are good offers and if they should sign up for them. I usually recognize if they’re a good deal or not right away and can advise yes or no within a few seconds.

The last time though, I was handed a mailer that stumped me.


The text read “Open to get platinum medallion status, Delta Sky Club membership and 100,000 bonus miles”. This sounded almost too good to be true!

I hoped onto Flyertalk immediately and found this thread. It seems as though Delta completely randomly targeted flyers from New York for this great offer, and loyal Delta customers who had earned Platinum medallion status the hard way were furious.

To activate and register for the promotion, all you have to do is go to http://www.delta.com/Platinum100 and enter your Skymiles number. Trust me, I tried entering mine even though I wasn’t registered and it did not work.


Terms and conditions state that to fulfill the requirement and receive all those nice perks, you would have to book a business elite seat within 60 days of enrollment. You will then earn:

• Platinum Medallion status through February 2015.
• Delta Sky Club membership for an additional 10 months.
• 100,000 bonus miles.


I immediately started researching and trying to find what Delta classified as Business Elite, and what was the cheapest fare one could book. Although Delta offers a business class fare from JFK-ATL, it was disappointing to find out it did not classify as Business Elite. The cheapest I was able to find was an international fare slightly over $1000. Bummer.

If you received this mailer, I highly recommend you sign up before the deadline (March 31st, 2014) anyway. You’ll receive temporary status and lounge access, which is always nice when traveling.

If you happen to be flying internationally for business anyway, see if your flight classifies as Business Elite. It seems like a great way to earn status and another 100k miles.

Moral of the story? Don’t just throw those mailers away, sometimes there are some gems that get targeted only for you. Anything that says 50,000 or more, you may want to consider (and I would be happy to advise you).

Did you receive the Delta 100k offer? (you lucky son of a gun) 😉

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