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P2S Holiday Donation Winner Announced! – Point2Steve

P2S Holiday Donation Winner Announced!


Earlier this week, I had posted about a charity donation giveaway, where you, my readers would help me decide where I’m going to donate this year. It was honestly a lot of fun!

There was a ton of support for multiple charity organizations and with good reason. These organizations depend on funding to provide great services, whether it be a place for youth to grow, child care, a disease, or even animal care. There simply isn’t enough funding for some of these very important organizations out there.

Again, this was a really interesting way of giving back this holiday season. I do admit that the contest was a bit tough to understand with the 3 mediums though. I’ll try to simplify it with the next one I do.

Without further adieu, here are the results!

Outlet #1 / Blog Comments:Β 



I ended up receiving 29 comments on my blog directly. I’ll even throw in a response for myself, rounding it up to 30.

Vote tally is as follows: (I’m including links if you want to find out more about the charities voted for.)
1. NACBA (12 Votes) – site link
2. Baby Landon (7 votes) – siteΒ link
3. UEAA (4 votes) – site link
All with 1 vote:
4. Students helping street kids – site link
4. APEX – site link
4. Heaven’s Angels animal rescue – site link
4. Philippines Typhoon

Congrats NACBA! I will be donating $30, which will be matched by a contributor, making it $60!

Outlet #2 – Facebook:



Facebook came through with 80 likes! Unfortunately, only two people remembered to link a charity. There was a vote for Baby Landon & the Philippines typhoon. Since Baby Landon received the 2nd highest amount of votes in the blog, the donation will go to him.

Thank you to all who voted for Landon, hopefully we can make a difference together. I will be donating $80, which will be matched by a contributor, making it $160!

Outlet #3 – Twitter:



As you can see, not too many placed their votes via Twitter. In fact, only 1 person tweeted properly using my hashtags & rules.



Since donations only get matched starting at $25. I’m going to donate that amount to Projetouere. It will get doubled to $50 in total.

So in total, we helped give away $270 to charities for the holidays. Give yourself a pat on the back and remember to help someone out if you’re in a good situation to do so!

Happy Holiday’s from Point2Steve!

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